Mar 23, 2013

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Super Pitchmeee

Post your Synopsis…

If you have a complete Story or a Screenplay that you would like to pitch it to the right people, then you can Post the respective synopsis and you could get lucky.

Professionals might also contact you for any other writing assignment.

Likewise if the Super Storeee team likes your synopsis it might option it, meaning buy the appropriate copyrights from you.

Submit your synopsis in not more than three pages.  Submit Synopsis of only completed work. Do mention the Genre of your work and the stage at which it is ready in the present format, meaning – Story, Screenplay etc. Make sure that your intellectual property is registered with a reputed writer’s body or with the Registrar of Copyrights. Please mention your contact details on your document. If there is more than one author then write the details of all concerned.

Email your Synopsis to

Please Note that the team of Super Storeee has the right to select the synopsis they deem fit and will not be responsible for any copyright infringement whatsoever. The synopsis will be posted on the website at the author’s risk. Incase of any copyright violation; Super Storeee or its team will not be party to any legal dispute over ownership or breach of any intellectual property.

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