Mar 31, 2013

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Super Consultanceee

In today’s competitive times let the Professionals handle what they do best.

With the supervision of Script Consultants…

Give your Stories, Screenplays, Ideas, Concepts, a superior edge.

Design, Develop and Enhance your content with finesse in order to achieve super success.

Amrish Shah and his Team can be consulted for Scripts of any Genre for any Entertainment and Media platform be it Film, TV, Web, Gaming, Smartphone, Multi-Media Advertising, Virtual Reality, Holographic projection.  Amrish Shah and his team of Creative Artists will doctor your scripts, evaluate them, suggest changes, add value, write coverage, and can also completely develop your story from an idea to a full-blown Screenplay.

Super Storeee can also organize individual Video Conference and Webinars.

For Script Development Services and Script Consultation at Super Storeee, Contact: