Jul 1, 2013

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‘Walk Your Storeee’ Get Published


Super Storeee


Walk Your Storeee !!!

You are the Universal Spirit… You are the Author of your Life…
Walk your Storeee !!!

Get Published… We all have a story to share. A moment of realisation, a moment of self-belief… a moment of inspiration… a moment of finding true purpose… a spark to follow one’s dream… an encounter with destiny… an inner voice of change… a thought for a higher goal… a blast of positivity… a moment of wisdom… a feeling of compassion… an urge for creativity… a desire for self esteem.

Send us your story and if we like it we will edit it and publish it … It could be a real life incident, or an experience of a friend and family… or a work of fiction that is self-motivational, a tale of imagination… or simply a piece of art… any story that is worthy of your constructive thoughts.

‘Walk your Storeee’ will be a series of untold stories that we all carry in our hearts or keep it lying idle on our computers or notebooks. This is theee super opportunity…the suitable window to share.

Follow your Heart… Express Yourself… Achieve your cup of Happiness !!!

‘Walk your Storeee’ will take your flash of inspiration and share it with readers for the purpose of self-motivation. Your story irrespective of its impact on you, it can definitely bring about a spirited transformation in the reader’s minds. A Storeee well received is a Storeee well told. A Storeee that touches people is a Super Storeee. A Storeee that can help people walk through Life with shining spirit is the apt Storeee for our brand new upcoming Book titled ‘Walk Your Storeee’

Email your stories to superstoreee@gmail.com

(Minimum of two pages and maximum 10 pages)

Please note that by sending us your story you are giving us the right to publish it in our Series of Books (for Print and Web media) titled ‘Walk your Storeee’ and any other collection of stories that we would publish in the future. Do mention your name and contact details so we can give you due credit for your anecdotes in our Publications. We wish you the best !!!

Be a Super Storeee… Walk your Storeee !!!

The book will be edited, curated, designed and copyrighted by Amrish Shah and his team.

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